Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 10.00%
Top Knot Goods Brand Rep Terms :  

- Must be 18 years or older
- Must have an active PayPal account

Are you interested in being a brand rep for Top Knot Goods?  Would you like to make 10% commission for every sale that is made with a code or link that you provide to your followers? 

How does it work?

Once you're approved, you will be able to access your own affiliate dashboard with your email and password that you created upon sign-up.  When you login you will be able to link your PayPal account, track your financials, and receive access to your own personal website link and discount code.

You have two options  on how to promote our website and generate commission. 
1. Personal Website Link : In your affiliate dashboard you will be provided with a personal link to our store.  If you provide this link to your friends, family, followers, etc. and they make a purchase, you will receive credit for that sale.

2. Personal Discount Code: 
 In the initial sign up form you were asked to provide your own personal discount code ( _______10). This is the code that you will promote on your social media platforms.  When someone applies this code at checkout, you will be credited for that sale. 

Pay Day:  You will be paid fourteen (14) days from the time of the order for domestic orders and twenty-one (21) days for international orders. 

Please Note  ** If a customer makes a return or cancels their order the commission that you earned will be returned. **

If you are ready to rep Top Knot Goods and make some cash, sign up and you will receive an email with all the details on how to get started! We are so excited to have you rep our brand! Cheers!